Health, Safety, Security & Environment Policy

Noramtec Workforce Solutions Inc. (Noramtec) is committed to create safe, and healthy environments and conditions to accompany and guide our workforce in everyday business.

To achieve this requires a collective and combined effort from all levels of Team Members at Noramtec including internal staff; contractors at our facilities and our client sites; and any visitors, contractors, suppliers, or customers to our facilities. All Team Members should appreciate that it is in everyone’s best interest and all will benefit when considering Occupational Health and Safety.

Executive and Management Team Members at Noramtec are entrusted to ensure positive attitude towards providing the appropriate setting to reduce workplace accidents, incidents, near misses and injuries. They will meet legislative Occupational Health & Safety requirements in each region Noramtec operates and take reasonable precaution concerning the health and safety of Team Members including providing education, training and creating best practices.

Supervisors are dedicated to the established health and safety requirements and procedures including to receive training offered by Noramtec and any client, provide the appropriate environment and conditions, and provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment to perform all work in a health and safe manner.

Team Members and all workers are entrusted to work safely and not take unnecessary risks. This includes a duty to report unsafe conditions, accidents, incidents, near misses and injuries; and refuse to perform duties that one deems unhealthy or unsafe. Team Members and all workers will comply with Noramtec’s Occupational Health & Safety Program; along with any client programs while conducting business at other sites.

Visitors, contractors, suppliers, and customers are to be held accountable and required to comply with Noramtec’s Occupational Health & Safety Program and report to their designated Noramtec representative upon arriving at site. 

At Noramtec, Occupational Health & Safety is essential to our success and dedication to our workforce.